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Advancing Mobile Hydraulics

“We are a very technical company. Our engineering group and inside sales support teams are second to none. Our Outside Sales force are known for their technical capability and professionalism.”

Engineering productivity through innovation

At Van-Tech, our team of experienced engineers work together with our clients to design hydraulic power systems, electronic control systems, gas springs, and other systems to solve engineering challenges. Our team also assembles, integrates, and verifies hydraulic systems to make sure your project has excellent performance, efficiency, reliability, and serviceability. Work with Van-Tech, and you’ll see increased productivity, and lower long-term operating costs.

“My customers appreciate our ability to engineer, customize, and provide complete system solutions. We test and tweak until they are fully satisfied with the design.”

A wide range of products and services

We provide a wide range of service levels, from full design and on-site installation and verification, to providing sub-assemblies, kits, or individual components. We are one of the largest gas spring distributors in North America with over 100,000 gas springs, Lift-O-Mats, Bloc-O-Lifts, Stab-O-Mats and related gas spring parts in stock.

“Our customers appreciate the years of experience and knowledge that comes with a group of people like we have. They love our ability to help with designs.”

Bob Van Hecke

Bob Van Hecke

Bill Van Hecke

Bill Van Hecke


Van-Tech was founded in June of 1999 by brothers Bob and Bill Van Hecke: “We worked for a larger Wall Street conglomerate for 26 years and decided we had enough. We were frustrated with the big corporate world, and we knew there was a better way to serve the customers and vendors. We were seeing employees treated as a number and the accountants running the business.

“We see the needs of the customer changing. They are looking for more technical information from their suppliers. They want to talk to a person when they call. They want someone to help them engineer the whole system and supply the know-how to tune it to their requirements. Van-Tech takes pride in the technical expertise and customer service that built our company. We want that small company feel to be evident regardless of our size.”

Get in touch with our expert engineers, and learn how we can solve your fluid power challenges today. We think it will be a refreshing experience.

“We have experienced hydraulic professionals who can quickly help identify and solve a customer’s problem. I love designing new and unique circuits to solve a specific application requirement that no one else could do!”

Expert Team

Our team has over 350 years of combined experience in the fluid power industry. Combine that expertise with our family-owned values and strong midwestern work ethic, and you can see how Van-Tech can deliver excellent service and superior results. Read some more reasons why our team loves what they do:

“When you call Van-Tech, you talk to an actual person, not a recording with multiple prompts. One transfer and you are speaking with the person you asked for.”

“Our people get to use their own creativity, we don’t have to go through a long list of micro-managers to get the job done and please the customer.”

“I like the different challenges that each client represents, building relationships with customers, and learning more about their needs.”

“Customer service is what makes Van-Tech stand out from our competition. From the owners, through the outside and inside sales people, to assemblers and shippers, everybody’s willing to go above and beyond to make things happen for our customers.”

“I love the enjoyment of getting to know the people in an organization and to help them be successful.”

“The family business attitude still exists here, where people have the ability to get things done for the customer instead of running into red tape that comes with large corporate structure.”

“Everybody here has a strong commitment to our customers’ success.”

“We have a small company feel with great people. We create a partnership with customers that provides an honest problem-solving atmosphere.”

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